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Our Solutions

Structural Elements® services all work to speed healing, decrease pain and improve wellness as well as athletic performance.


(se)® Treatment

Our flagship treatment fusing acupuncture/dry needling techniques, manual therapies, exercise and other treatment methods to align the body (se)® 


(se)® Deep Tissue Restoration

A 50 minute treatment utilizing manual therapy techniques, exercise and other treatment methods to help balance the body.  This complementary service is often added between (se)® Treatment to assist in your wellness and performance journey.


(se)® LAB

The (se)® LAB (Learn and Apply, Balance) uses "strengthening, lengthening and object control" techniques to develop balance for integrating treatment back into your life routine - available in 25 and 50 minutes sessions.




(se)® Custom Orthotics

(se)® Custom Orthotics are casted in house and then sent to our custom lab for fabrication. Our process and materials are different than conventional orthotics and help correct alignment without limiting natural movement.


(se)® Video Gait Assessment

(se)® Video Gait Assessment is performed to identify biomechanical compromise that may be contributing to injury, as well as affecting performance.

Through this process, pain is reduced and Human Performance Refined.®

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