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Achieve Your Body's Peak Potential

Experience a treatment that helps prevent future injury, improves your athletic performance and helps your day-to-day mobility.

The (se)® Approach

Structural Elements® looks at the body differently. Through years of refinement we have created a treatment that addresses the cause of structural imbalances within the body. We listen to your goals and bring your body to a level of peak performance representative of your ability, age, and fitness level.

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How It Works

Structural imbalances cause alignment issues, pain, or reduced athletic performance. Our therapists look at the body's global alignment, posture and balance in movement.

  • Find Adhesions

    (se)® therapists palpate around the fascia in a proprietary mapping pattern to find and rid the body of adhesions. Adhesions causing incorrect tension or pressure must be broken up before the bone structure can be corrected.

  • Remove Adhesions

    Using hands-on manual therapy and a range of other tools including dry needling, cupping, or electrostimulation, we remove the adhesions making correction of structural imbalances possible with a lot less force.

  • Correct Alignment

    Manual therapy techniques are applied to return the patient to correct alignment and posture. With adhesions removed and alignment corrected, pain is reduced, strength gained and range of motion realized.

  • I have been dealing with hip pain for over a year. After not having any real “diagnosis” and spending a ton of time and money working with other professionals with little to no relief, I was thankful to find Jason. After just two treatments my relief was almost 100%, and by the third treatment I had no pain at all.

    Ali Calkins

  • Best thing I’ve done for myself in awhile: a tune up just for me. A nice mix of PT, massage, chiropractic realignment, and dry needling/acupuncture. Jason Knicley was great to work with and is passionate about his work. Hoping to go see him regularly between all of these races I’ve got in the calendar. Give them a call and tell them Rachel sent you!

    Rachel Huffman Ridgway

  • I saw Jason today for a knee injury. He took his time assessing me and going over his treatment plan. I feel extremely confident in his knowledge of the body and technical skills. I highly recommend Structural Elements to anyone who wants to maintain alignment and feel their best!

    Tori Harter

  • I came to Structural Elements after a friend referred me. I hesitated because I live in Springfield, and the drive to Leesburg is one hour on a good day. After several sessions, however, I can say that it's well worth the trip.

    Natalie Cain

  • I had the good fortune of working with Structural Elements following an injury to my shoulder. I had experienced limited mobility of my shoulder for a period exceeding two months. Specifically, I was unable to perform presses or flies, as well as go through more functional movements, such as swinging a golf club or tennis racket.

    Tad Holzapfel

  • I’ve been seeing Erin for over a year for muscle spasms in my back related to an injury that caused an abnormal gait. I was pain free after my first visit. I saw her every month to six weeks after that and she was able to maintain the adjustments that had been made. I have been pain free for one and a half years.

    Megan Shroyer

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