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Combating the Winter Blues

Jevin Boardman, Massage Therapist at Milwaukee WI, gives us some insight on the "Withdrawl response" and how to restore and maintain your body after being out in the cold. 

Trail Running: Choosing Terrain and Distance: Part 2 of 3

Milwaukee Clinic Owner, Luke Laga, writes his most passionate piece yet! Dive into the pros and cons about this amazing culture called Trail Running! .."The best things in life are worth getting dirty for."

Race Prep: Choosing Terrain and Distance Part 1 of 3

Luke Laga, Milwaukee Clinic Owner, shares the pros and cons of road running and how to overcome the challenges. "I came into my own decisions on these two questions rather quickly, and with the inspiration from a close friend who was just starting to make some noise in the ultra...

What does it take to prep for a race?

Luke Laga dives right into some tips and topics of race preparation. "Over the following months I’ll begin, and guide based on responses, questions, tips and inspirations each of you bring, a dive into a conversation on race prep. Some of the topics could include...."

Back-to-School Sports Safety and Injury Prevention

Training and conditioning for Fall sports is upon us! Taking part in sports is an important aspect of a healthy, physically active lifestyle for kids, but injuries can, and do occur. More than 2.6 million children, aged 0-19, are treated in the emergency department each year for sports and...

Simple Ways to Remain Active at Work, School, or While Traveling

You don’t need a gym to stay active. Here are a few simple ways to remain active throughout even your busiest days.

3 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Race and Event Season

The weather is warming up and event season is quickly approaching – here are three ways to help build mental strength for your next race

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Get ready for the new sports season and clean up your fitness routine with these fun tips

Stay on Track with Your Health and Wellness Resolutions in 2019

As you tackle your health and wellness resolutions, Structural Elements® is here to help support your goals and promote a healthier lifestyle

Structural Elements® Named Newton Running’s Official Educational Provider

Holistic Orthopedic Wellness Brand Teams Up With Newton Running to Provide Ultimate Runner Experience

Fascinating Fascia and How it Supports You

No doubt about it, we’ve got a lot going on in our lives. So we don't blame you if you haven't given your fascia a second (or first) thought.

Mary Teunis & Her Story of Human Performance Refined®

Structural Elements® is not traditional physical therapy or bodywork. It is a fusion of biomechanical methods, a proprietary approach utilizing the benefits of acupuncture, physical therapy and manual therapy. The treatment model is a highly effective for balancing the structures of the body...


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