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Our Process

At Structural Elements®, we view ourselves as Body Engineers. We evaluate the human body according to its structural integrity and establish proper balance between compression and tension elements.



Quality care begins with developing clear treatment goals. At Structural Elements® we take a step back, look through a wide lens and determine cause rather than treating symptoms alone. We look at the body from the ground up, how it moves and determine a treatment strategy.


Effective treatment should restore balance to the entire body. We locate and treat adhesions in the connective tissue that form throughout all regions of the body, not just the site of pain. After normalizing the connective tissue, alignment is manually corrected. At home exercise, postural queues and soft tissue self-care are prescribed to further correct structural imbalances.


Lasting results are achieved by reducing structural imbalances, improving connective tissue health and re-educating movement. Treatment does not end in the treatment room. It ends on the field, on the course, on the bike and on the run. We offer comprehensive support to our patients as they return to full participation.

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