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Our Brand

The story behind the Structural Elements®  logo is foundational to our approach. The full logo is a representation of a Tensegrity Model; tensional integrity or floating compression. In architecture this is seen as a balance of compression and tension elements, steel beams and tension cables. The compression members are never in direct contact with one another, but rather floating in a net of tension members.

Because the compression members are floating, the entire system is considered prestressed. Any change of tension or position is immediately redistributed throughout the system.  

We look at ourselves as Body Engineers. We evaluate the human body according to its structural integrity. Establishing proper balance between compression and tension elements is what we do. In the human body the compression elements are the bones and the tension elements are the tendons, ligaments and uninterrupted fascia that form a floating net.

We often treat structural imbalances that are on the opposite side of the body and distal to the site of pain. We might treat areas of the back for shoulder pain or the feet for neck pain. Because we see the body as a cohesive and dynamic system, we restore balance to the whole, not just treat its parts. Regardless of who you are and what you do; you want your eyes and ears to be level, we call this a neutral horizon. If a structural imbalance exists anywhere in the pelvis or lower body, compensation will occur as neutral horizon is achieved.

The Structural Elements® Brand is centered around awareness of and solutions to these complex relationships.

Doug Bertram, L.Ac., MTCM, Owner


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