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Avoid Soft Tissue Injury

Viscoelasticity is the name of the game for preventing soft tissue injury. This term refers to the degree of elasticity or stretch the soft tissue can handle. If muscles, tendons and ligaments are flexible and have the ability to adapt to stress, they are far less likely to tear or inflame from...

Creating a Solid Foundation

In order for our joints to remain healthy and able to respond to the stress we place on them through our normal daily activities, we need structural integrity.  If we use our homes as an example: if your foundation is sinking, it’s easy to understand that the effects could involve the roof. It’s...

Stability vs. Mobility

Our major joints alternate between stable and mobile.  The metatarsal line of our foot (think where the toes attach to the foot) is stable.  The ankles are mobile, and are considered loose adaptors. The knee is a stable joint. It functions best as a true hinge. The hip is a mobile joint that...

Orthopedic Wellness: Maintaining an Active Life

Most individuals have a general understanding of the meaning of Fitness.  We tend to think of fitness as cardiovascular health, weight management and the ability to perform a given set of physical activities.  Despite being motivated, why are some individuals able to achieve fitness and stay fit...

Structural Elements® Launches New Website

Structural Elements® is pleased to announce that their new website is now live on the web at


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