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Keeping your Joints Moving More Freely

How many times have you thought about how your joints may affect the pain you may be experiencing? First let’s talk about what exactly a joint is:

Massage & Bodywork Magazine Feature

Founder of Structural Elements®, Doug Bertram, gives an exclusive Q&A about Structural Elements® and the business opportunities it provides for all manual and movement therapists. 

Off The Dome Radio Podcast

If you’re someone that is suffering from pain and has spent countless hours at doctors offices AND still no relief. Then this podcast is for you!⁠

Courageous Wellness Podcast

Aly French and Erica Stein sit down with Doug Bertram, the CEO of Structural Elements to discuss the effects of our bodies connective tissue.

Lindsey House, R.D., Accountability Coach Podcast

A Whole Body View - How many times have we been sent to get a knee checked or a hip when the reality is the whole body should really be getting evaluated to get a true understanding of where that root cause is coming from.⁠

How to Not Get Sick and Die Podcast

“Is there a proper way to move? Walk, run, jump, sit? Ergonomics would suggest that there is a perfect position to be in at all times and that if we all did that we’d be totally safe.

Finding Genius Podcast

One Stop Shop -- That is exactly what Structural Elements® is! CEO and Founder, Doug Bertram dives deep into how Structural Elements® applies our proprietary model to the human body and how that informs their multi-practitioner approach with a combination of modalities.

Freedom Physical Therapy Podcast

Want to know more about Structural Elements®, how we got started and what makes us uniquely different? CEO and Founder, Doug Bertram goes into great detail about the difference between Structural Elements® and traditional outpatient Physical Therapy.

Combating the Winter Blues

Jevin Boardman, Massage Therapist at Milwaukee WI, gives us some insight on the "Withdrawl response" and how to restore and maintain your body after being out in the cold. 

Trail Running: Choosing Terrain and Distance: Part 2 of 3

Milwaukee Clinic Owner, Luke Laga, writes his most passionate piece yet! Dive into the pros and cons about this amazing culture called Trail Running! .."The best things in life are worth getting dirty for."

Race Prep: Choosing Terrain and Distance Part 1 of 3

Luke Laga, Milwaukee Clinic Owner, shares the pros and cons of road running and how to overcome the challenges. "I came into my own decisions on these two questions rather quickly, and with the inspiration from a close friend who was just starting to make some noise in the ultra...

What does it take to prep for a race?

Luke Laga dives right into some tips and topics of race preparation. "Over the following months I’ll begin, and guide based on responses, questions, tips and inspirations each of you bring, a dive into a conversation on race prep. Some of the topics could include...."


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