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Structural Elements® Named Newton Running’s Official Educational Provider

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Structural Elements®, (se) ®, a unique wellness brand offering a transformative and therapeutic approach that focuses on how the body functions, announced today a strategic partnership with Newton Running as the Official Educational Provider. Structural Elements founder and CEO Doug Bertram will be leading the education with Newton Running along with support from several other  (se) ® therapists.

The name Structural Elements® refers to the proprietary method Bertram developed as an acupuncturist. Operating on the fundamental belief that the body is a single unit, Bertram developed a mapping technique locating patterns of focal adhesions in response to mechanical stress.  Structural Elements® practitioners, also referred to as body engineers, can be practicing physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and osteopathic physicians alike.

Newton Running, a national performance running retailer known for its Action/Reaction™ Technology, is committed to providing its customers, from first time runners to seasoned marathoners, with top performing shoes. Education and knowledge of how the body moves is a key component to this. Bertram’s experience with treating runners before, after and during races for decades has prepared him to move into a support role with Newton Running.

“When a balanced body is taught proper running form, human performance is refined,” said Bertram who is a trained acupuncturist. “Add the best running shoes ever made and the possibilities are limitless. I’m really excited for the opportunity to partner with a company whose product, mission and values align so perfectly with Structural Elements®. This is a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune and improve the running experience.”

As the Official Educational Provider for Newton Running, Structural Elements® will share a curriculum for teaching (se) ® to better evaluate running form and to identify any biomechanics issues. The goal is to prevent struggles that would impact a runner’s performance or take away from the running experience. This partnership will include speaking opportunities at both Structural Elements and Newton Running events throughout the country.

“When it comes to healthy running, Newton Running Company has always believed the education side is just as important as the product,” said Jerry Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Newton Running. “We are excited to formally partner with Structural Elements so we can offer our current and future customers superior education in collaboration with phenomenal footwear. An educated runner in proper running shoes has endless possibilities."

With four Structural Elements locations currently open in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, Leesburg, VA and Milwaukee, WI, Structural Elements® has its eyes on expanding through franchising in similar markets where the demand for orthopedic care is high.

To learn more about Structural Elements®, visit

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About Structural Elements®:

Structural Elements® is an orthopedic wellness clinic that strives to provide the highest standard of care through a contemporary business model and a proprietary treatment approach. The approach was discovered in 1995 by Structural Elements®’ Founder Doug Bertram. He operated his own practice until opening the first official Structural Elements® clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2013. Structural Elements® opened the first franchise location in 2015, and is committed to igniting brand growth via the franchising model throughout the country, with a strong emphasis on the southeast. To learn more about Structural Elements® visit,

About Newton Running:

Newton Running creates performance shoes specifically for runners and outdoor recreationists. The brand, which is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, was built and is operated by runners for runners and strives to help athletes improve their form and abilities. Newton Running is a purpose driven company with a commitment to social and environmental accountability. Learn more about Newton Running at

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