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How Pilates can Support your (se)® Journey

Written by: Sarah Reed

At Structural Elements®, we view ourselves as Body Engineers. Through the lense of structural integrity using a variety of modalities, we evaluate the human body for proper balance between compression and tension, stress and rest, power and flexibility.

  • First, we analyze your body’s structural patterns and your daily habits to develop clear treatment goals.
  • Then we balance your structural patterns with the (se)® Treatment, bringing the body back into alignment.
  • Then we apply structural balance in a sustainable way with mindful movement education.

Holistically, the Structural Elements® services work to speed healing, decrease pain and improve wellness and performance. Our signature (se)® TREATMENT and the (se)® DEEP TISSUE RESTORATION blend dry needling, manual therapy, and massage techniques to balance and restore movement in the body.

To maintain the structural balance and alignment you get from the treatment process, we help you LEARN AND APPLY BALANCE in the (se)® LAB and recommend exercises you can do on your own. Another way to supplement your treatment is with Pilates, which also helps to strengthen and lengthen the body. The Core Principles of the Pilates Method focus on precise, controlled, mindful movement techniques to develop balance for integrating the (se)® principles into your daily routine.

With Classical Pilates, you first purposefully acquire more complete control of your own body and movement patterns. Then, through proper repetition and frequent practice, you gradually and progressively acquire a natural rhythm and coordination between your physical and mental/subconscious activities. The Pilates Method is designed to give you supple, natural, graceful movement and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work. You will develop muscular power, endurance, and focus to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain.

Inquire with your (se)® Team about Pilates programs in your area.


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