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A Happy Father's Day

As a father my proudest moments were the births of my children. My wife did all the work, yet I still take most of the credit. I am fortunate to have two spectacular teenage sons and they bring real meaning to my life. Watching them set goals, no matter how small, and achieve them is a wonderful feeling, but knowing how to deal with their failures is much more difficult and still a work in progress.

Both are very active in sports so my background in orthopedics and massage have served me more than one time. My boys would agree that they have heard everything from, “rub some dirt in it,” to “we should go get that x-rayed.” Since I have studied the philosophy of Structural Elements® and the treatment techniques, I am not only a better therapist, but a more mindful Dad. Again, my boys would agree that I am a bit of a fanatic about posture. (At the dinner table especially!)

I often struggle to determine what the correct amount of supervision is for their current age and maturity level. As you know that can lead to a significant amount of stress; along with this time of year being full of yard work and gardening - dads are surely feeling the strain. Add a couple races and maybe a tri-athalon and Dad is truly in need of a (se)® Treatment or (se)® Deep Tissue Massage. There is no more rewarding job than that of a Father and Moms may disagree, but they already had their day! So make sure your Father knows how much you appreciate and love him.

David Everhart, PTA, LMT

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