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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Whether the weather is an indicator or not, the spring sports season is quickly approaching! While you’re gearing up to shed those winter layers, lace up your shoes and hit the ground running, here are a few tips to help clean up your fitness routine.​

Download a new workout playlist

Tired of cycling through the same few songs during your workout? Spring clean your playlist by removing any tired tracks, or consider downloading a new playlist entirely and discover more recent releases. There are plenty of curated playlists out there as well designed to get the blood flowing.​

Clean out your pantry

Odds are, your pantry is filled with snacks that are either expired or no longer support your fitness goals. Take a moment to reorganize and focus on keeping the foods that make the most sense for your health and nutrition.​

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or water bottle

Out with the old, in with the new! Start the season with fresh workout gear to get excited about the opportunities ahead.​

Plan an outdoor retreat and hit the trails

Need a change of scenery? Spark your motivation by taking a long weekend to get outdoors, enjoy the weather and ease back into spring training.  

Remember to stretch, hydrate and prioritize rest

No matter what season, it’s important to give yourself the proper rest and rehabilitation you deserve. Be sure to prioritize proper stretching, hydration and rest before and after your workouts. And, as always, remember to listen to your body!

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