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Appointments: Milwaukee


Better body care

Treatments for improved wellness


Our flagship treatment fusing acupuncture/dry needling techniques, manual therapies, exercise and other treatment methods to:

  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Treat back, knee, shoulder and neck pain
  • Improve athletic performance

$150initial visit$100 return visit


A combination of massage and manual therapy that balances and restores movement in the body. This proprietary and complementary service is most effective between (se)® Treatments as it:

  • Improves muscle tissue mobility
  • Releases painful knots and adhesions
  • Makes (se)® Treatment more effective

$150initial visit$100 return visit

(se)® LAB

The (se)® LAB (Learn and Apply, Balance) 30 and 60 minute sessions use "strengthening, lengthening and object control" techniques to develop balance for:

  • Integrating treatment into daily routine
  • Support return to full athletic participation
  • Re-educating body movements

$125initial visit (60 minutes)$75 return visit (30 minutes)